Suppose you had the grace to choose between two cars, each of which is given to you free of charge. One car is a brand new Mercedes-Benz and the other a 10-year old pre-owned Toyota Corolla. The ultimate choice is yours. Someone might choose the Toyota, as the insurance and maintenance cost is less. You don’t want to be a show-off, driving a Mercedes-Benz. Our minds play tricks on us. It is as if grace is given to us to choose between a life of peace, wisdom, experiencing God, and being a liberated soul, or a life of stress, responsibilities, name, fame, desires, and attachments. The choice is ours, as with the car. Grace cannot make your decision; it can make you lean to a more favorable situation for you. Yet it is our stupidity that makes the bad decisions with which we have to live. Grace gives us things on a platter, and yet, most of us do not know to use what Grace brings. — Satish Daryanani