It is the time of the year in the United States when students graduate from schools or colleges. Most mention how wonderful and quickly the four years went by. They are confident when they believe in who they are rather than what others think of them. All the speakers are positive and filled with gratitude. No one mentions the struggles and disagreements they may have had over the past four years. We will only appreciate and miss everything when we graduate. Similarly, we will all give the same speech after our 80-year graduation. How wonderful everything was, how fast the 80 years went by, how we will miss everyone. When we are living in the moment, and if we all have the same feelings, then the 4 years or the 80 years would be like our moment of graduation. Do not wait to appreciate it after it is over. Each section of our lives have mini graduations—pause, look back, and appreciate high school, college, single life, married life, and retired life. All the speeches we give or listen to are there to bring awareness of the wonderful moments and relationships during that period. Please do not wait for your last big graduation, as there will be no one to listen to your appreciation. Enjoy your graduation daily as you move from one day to another. — Satish Daryanani

Graduation hats flying