I wish I had the gifts to heal, to feed the hungry, to protect those who are weak and being abused and many others that could reduce the load of humanity. It got me thinking—if I could have only one gift, what would it be? The gift of uplifting people. In my book, that is the greatest gift. If you heal someone, the person can get another illness later. If you feed someone they will again get hungry. If you protect someone now there could be another bully that comes along. Uplifting someone makes them self sustaining. They are able to discover joy on their own. By going deeper and uplifting their souls they are free from ignorance. If someone asks me what gift spiritual Masters have, it is the gift of uplifting those that are suffering from the pain of life itself. To be able to uplift someone they should be drawn to the magic they see in you. They should be able to see something unique in the way you live. Once they are drawn to you, the gift of uplifting begins. Satish Daryanani