When Jesus was alive, he had 12 disciples and a few more followers. Today, there are more than a billion followers of Christ. Same thing with Buddha, Mohamed, and other sages. When a spiritual master leaves the body, the first thing people ask is, “Who will take over?” They do not realize the true master is not the teacher, but the teachings. Many times, the followers grow after the masters leave their bodies. I even joke with them that, while they were alive, they were hindering the growth of the organization. The reason is because we see a person in the human form and judge them. They travel on a private jet, watch movies, stay in nice places, eat good food, and so on. The teachings take a back seat. We get attached to their physical form and do not grow. Now, we only have their teachings. In the pain of a mourner’s longing, we now start digging and the journey they wanted us on begins. All these wonderful souls come for the same purpose: to help us discover ourselves. — Satish Daryanani

Disciples sitting with a master in a painting