Guilt is one of the most misunderstood feelings. Religions have taken advantage of this. Guilt is among the biggest loads people carry on their shoulders. Parents, spouses, children, friends, all use it for their benefit. What is guilt? We feel we did something that was not supposed to have been done, and guilt is the price we have to pay: the fear of displeasing the Lord and having to go to hell for that. The real hell is now when you are punishing yourself for the guilt. Have faith in the love the Lord has for you. Ask forgiveness from the bottom of your heart. Learn the lessons from your action and not repeat it again. Realize that there are forces of nature that keep you away from doing things that are required for your spiritual evolution. Feeling guilty will not help your growth. Acceptance will free you from guilt. The bottom line is that guilt is given as a gift from the Lord to keep you on the right track. — Satish Daryanani

Man raising his hands in prayer