My spiritual Master used to love lying on a hammock by the ocean. He would watch and listen to the waves and drink fresh coconut water, just hanging and swaying, with no worries. We, too, should experience lying down on the hammock made by God—enjoying the waves of life, drinking the coconut water of love and grace from Him. Then, we, too, will have the permanent smile that the saints have. Let go and sway like a baby in its mother’s arms. Be carefree, knowing that everything is happening with perfection. You cannot do or change anything in life. You only feel it is all in your hands, that you are in charge. Can you change a wave? Can you change the weather? You think you can change your teenage child? You think you can change your spouse? You can only choose whether or not to lie down in the hammock of life. You can convince yourself that you are very important and have a lot of responsibilities, but it’s an illusion. Even birds and animals give birth and take care of their loved ones. What is the big deal? God is perfect without your prayers. What is so valuable about your existence that you give yourself so much value? Your ego will be sad if you do not give importance to your life. If you are a beach bum, then enjoy swaying in a hammock with a pina colada. — Satish Daryanani

man in hammock over ocean at high tide