Every holiday should make us happy but holidays that are filled with gratitude and the remembrance of a pure soul like Jesus Christ makes the Christmas holiday special. We buy gifts for everyone, but what gift can we give to the One who has showered us with all the gifts? We can only give the gift of our hearts. One time we brought this subject to our spiritual Master. He said, “None of you have even given me the shadow of your heart, let alone a portion of it.” To give your heart completely is the hardest thing to do. Our poor single hearts have to be shared with family, money, favorite sports teams, pets, desserts, beautiful places and many other options. To give your heart to the One means your heart beats in longing for the Lord and if you stop thinking of Him even for a second your heart will stop beating. Imagine if even one person on earth gave this gift to Jesus Christ, He would cherish it more than all the prayers sent to Him. Have a blessed Christmas everyone. Satish Daryanani