Many bars offer special prices on drinks for a short time and call it “Happy Hour.” After the hour is over, you have to again pay full price for the drinks and lose your happiness. Many try to entice me to come in for the happy hour. I tell them, “You want me to lose my permanent happiness so I can enjoy your special price and be happy only for one hour. What will I do for the other twenty-three hours?” I think God should also offer us a special: Experience permanent happiness for only one hour; God can then take it away after the hour is over, but He will give it permanently to anyone who will never complain again. How many customers do you think will get this gift? If we were always happy, bars would end the happy hour. Divorce lawyers would have to file for bankruptcy. Massage therapists would have no relief to offer. No one can give or take away your happiness. Thank God everyone does not have permanent happiness. Otherwise, I would miss having my favorite special — buy one lychee martini and get the second one for free. — Satish Daryanani

Happy Hour neon sign