Hard fate is a term given to an unseen force that brings unpleasant experiences and test’s one’s patience. The person who faces these experiences tends to feel that what he or she is going through is undeserved, but there are no such things as accidents, chance, fate, or luck. Everything is the result of one’s own past actions, whether or not we are aware of this fact. Everything that occurs is due to cause and effect. The one who understands this, not by listening or reading, will not complain. You can develop willpower and inner strength to overcome these experiences. They make you a stronger person. The same strength and qualities you develop will help you in your spiritual growth. God is just a witness in this whole game. He is not here to change your experiences. You can pray for strength. All you need to know is that you can change your destiny with strong willpower, by leading a pure, spiritual life, by leading a life of good conduct. Self-effort is necessary on the spiritual path. You have free will to even attain God. So your past is your past. Let what may come. My today is in my hands. Let me make the most of it.— Satish Daryanani