A person may be very hard-working and honest yet not get worldly success while a person who is not as hard-working, but who has talents, may be more successful. It does not seem fair. We feel unlucky and that God is not on our side. We feel our actions should reward us in a just manner. In spirituality, many leave their families and friends to become monks and dedicate their lives in service, yet they may not get what they seek. On the other hand, a householder living a life of luxury, name, and fame, may get everything that the monk seeks. Why? The answer is simple: We only see the efforts that we put out in this lifetime. We do not know the purity of  heart of the individual or the strong ego and stubbornness of an individual that blocks grace. We don’t see their ability to enjoy whatever comes nor their desire to be rewarded for the effort spent. The secret to getting everything is to do your best as an offering, without thinking you have put in any effort. Enjoy whatever comes and then it is an automatic success. Have the faith that you have an overstock of grace. Seek nothing, not even grace. Let things flow. The laws of nature will give you what is due to you. Learn by not being rigid, so your skills improve. Automatically, success will come in your life as your clear mind comes up with ideas. Within you, the grace of peace and wisdom awakens. True success is when you stop comparing your success with others, as you are contented with your perfect life. — Satish Daryanani

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