Many go searching for God in holy places. People climb Mount Everest to conquer it. Some go deep into outer space, or cross the oceans, or go deep in the oceans, searching for something they cannot find, even though it is right in front of them. Everything we need is closer to us than we think. Peace and God, joy and happiness, are already within us. The ones who love us surround us. Service can be given to the one who is right next to us. Everything is right there, yet, many go on pilgrimages or go through great challenges for months, or years, to search for what is already given to them—looking for your glasses when they are on your forehead. All we have to do is appreciate everything that surrounds our lives from outside and within. Now, only go into outer space, cross oceans, climb mountains, for the adventure, not because you are lost and are looking for self-discovery. — Satish Daryanani