The healthcare industry in the United States of America spends 3.2 trillion dollars annually. Those who want to help with alternative medicine face a lot of obstacles. They do not understand that the healthcare system is a business like any other. It is profit-oriented, not service-oriented. We only like to cure the symptoms, not the problems. Changing our lifestyle is the medicine we need to heal. People are slowly realizing that with meditation and Yoga they can heal their own bodies. There has been a lot of research to prove that. Yet, there is no way to prove the benefits of what the spiritual Masters want us to experience. It would be easier to convince people to meditate if there was scientific research done on the health benefits of deep inner peace. The use of pain killers can be reduced when we can be free from the body-mind complex—we won’t need anxiety pills or sleeping pills, or listen to people speak softly and make funny sounds to relax. This is bad for the economy. It will disrupt the multi-trillion dollar industry. Healing is within us. By observing and listening to our bodies, we can free ourselves from taking medicines. Spirituality is the best remedy. It’s easy and free, and only a few use spirituality. Headaches, backaches, sore necks, and many physical discomforts are nothing but symptoms of the burdens that we carry in life. Show the world the benefits of going within. Do not try to change the Medical system, change yourself first. — Satish Daryanani