This summer, many cities have had some of the hottest days in history. For a person who loves walking, it becomes hard. Once, I was with my spiritual Master. It was very hot and we had no air-conditioning, so I complained. My Master said, “Spiritual evolution is being able to control the body temperature. As long as you are aware of the cooling light from inner peace, nothing can affect the body from outside.” Our minds create their own temperatures. The heat of a restless mind is far greater than the heat of a desert. Heat created from anger, stress, anxiety, fear, and ego is hotter than a volcano erupting. Equanimity and serenity cool us. So, hot days are meant to check if the inner air-conditioner is working. If it fails, it needs servicing. That means more time to spend on inner cooling. We have to set our own temperatures, 23 degrees Celsius or 72 degrees Fahrenheit, permanently within us. Then the hot, or cold, days will not stop us from walking our 20,000 steps daily. — Satish Daryanani

4 hot hiker rest on picnic table

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