I heard a person say on television that if someone goes against Mr Trump’s policies, he has a special place in hell. My question is, “What is hell?” Ask a married man for that answer. Hell is a state of mind.
1. If you identify yourself with this body and think you will die or be reborn.
2. If you think you are too thin or too fat, or not rich enough, or not have good health.
3. You blame God, or karma, or everyone.
4. You have not built a strong relationship with the Beloved.
5. You are trying to save the world.
6. You have not enjoyed inner peace or wisdom.
7. You are living with the guilt of stealing, lying, hurting, or betraying the trust of someone.
8. The person who has received these actions has not forgiven you.
9. Above all, you are consumed by your thoughts, words and actions, by the fear of hell or the desire of heaven.
If these above are true, you will go crazy, even in heaven. When you are living in heaven, you would even welcome hell, to help others make their lives heavenly. — Satish Daryanani