The hardest thing to do is to hold back, whether it is expressing anger or simly telling someone how you really feel. We even hold back expressing love and kindness, as we do not want to let our guard down. We hold back compliments so as to not let them go to someone’s head. The hard part is not letting others know the things that come from within. Whatever is sent in these daily thoughts does not begin to scrape the surface of all that the Lord gives. The blessing of grace sometimes feels more like a curse due to the pain that comes from the overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Also, if you put out everything, others will not understand. They will not believe your words and will think that you are showing off. Believe me, if the Lord opens the dam of His grace then, even He cannot hold it back. It will bring tears to your eyes once you realize the pain He is going through from holding back all that He wants to give us. — Satish Daryanani

Kobe dam in Japan