If you sell a stock, property, or an asset, in time you will either be happy or sad. If, after you have sold the asset, the value increases, you will tell yourself, “I wish I had never sold it.” If the value drops, you will say, “I am glad I sold it.” If you don’t sell, you are saved from both the feelings. This asset, called human birth, also gives us two reactions—I wish I was never born or, am I glad I was born. It all depends on what this asset brings us. If we are able to enjoy all the experiences we get because of the human birth, only then, does it become an asset. It is like a radio which has to connect to the right signal for the music to be heard. When the asset we have connects with the divine, then the music which cannot be heard will be felt. Then you can say, “Thank you God, for this wonderful asset.” Satish Daryanani