As the holiday season approaches, many people do not know where to travel because of the virus. I guess, it is better to stay home for the holidays. I, too, canceled my wonderful trip, which I had booked many months ago. My holiday season is taking a holiday from me. This could be my best vacation, as I do not have to deal with this insane person. No complaints, no stress. A real vacation is taking a break from your routine. A new location is nice but just a new approach is good enough. You change, and the scenery changes. So, this holiday season, I will take a trip from one room to another. The passenger has changed and the new me is so easy to deal with. I know, when the holiday season is over, I will still have to go back to the one from which I want to take a break. It’s good. I now look forward to vacations where I can take a break from myself.— Satish Daryanani