The word holiday is created to enjoy all the Holy Days. Some even go to places of worship to pray and celebrate. We all go on holidays, as we get a break from our daily routines. We can rest, get a change of scenery, and mainly change our thinking on these Holy Days. We can spend some time in gratitude and focus on the lives of the great souls that made this a Holy Day. At least no one complains about getting a holiday. The more open we are the more we experience a larger variety of Holy Days, as so many wonderful souls came to inspire us. The highest price we pay from our karmic actions is ignorance. Easter, stands for a new beginning. Today, we all can become “holey,” which means putting holes in this bamboo stick so that the music of divine grace can flow through us. We become the flute that the Lord can play and inspire others to do the divine dance. — Satish Daryanani