When the weather is cold, I walk on the sunny side of the street. When it is hot, I walk on the shady side. When the weather is perfect, either side is fine for walking. When real grace pours upon you, the weather in your life is perfect. Both shady and sunny paths are the same to you. You are neither running toward nor running away from anything. You are not seeking a comfortable or a very challenging life. You are not looking for the thrill of a lot of action sometimes nor the boredom of nothing much happening. You are not looking for a thoughtless state or getting a whole bunch of ideas, not being of service or just siting idle. This equanimity is often acknowledged in conversatiom but to live in it is a whole other ball-game. You do not get four seasons. Only one season of perfection. Many may not enjoy it. What will you talk to your friend about? They will ask, “How is today?” The reply is, “Same as yesterday and tomorrow will be the same. All is good. See you soon, bye.” That will be your conversation with everyone. It’s not easy to live a life in this manner. — Satish Daryanani

Hot and cold