I was in a church yesterday. There, I saw a mother keep on telling her child to kneel down and ask for a wish. So, the child is learning from the mother that a church is a wishing well. When she grows up she will see the church only as place to fulfill her wishes. In Hinduism we have many gods, each one specifically designed for a particular wish. God of wealth, of knowledge, of strength, etc. I see each person praying to that specific God when they want a particular wish fulfilled. The purpose of going to temples, churches, mosques, and synagogues is to go to the house of God, your real parent’s home. You talk, thank God, and enjoy the love you have for each other. Ask the Lord once, “How are you doing?” Just being in God’s presence should make you forget all your wishes. The great gift from Him is to free you from the desires of all gifts. You will have the gift of the Beloved’s presence all the time, and not only in His house. — Satish Daryanani

praying woman