When we first meet someone, we ask this question. In reply, some people give a long list of all their health and life’s problems. So I avoid asking them this question. Some reply, “Thank God, all is ok.” Some will say, “It is God’s will, and we have to accept.” Those who believe in karma will say they are going through a karmic cleansing. In truth, how you are is not based on what you are going through. It is only what you feel. You can have a worried face and say you are rejoicing over life. We really should not ask how someone is doing. We can see based on their body movements and the expressions on their faces. Likewise, do not ask someone how is their business. I know those who have complained so much throughout their lives, I am surprised they are still in business. You know you have met a blessed one who answers, “I am on top of the world.” Or “Everything is perfect, multiplied by infinity.” Or “I am just doing monkey business, and the Lord gives me a good paycheck for it.” They feel they have never worked a day in their lives. All they are doing is having fun and getting paid for it. So, first ask yourself how you are doing before you ask others. — Satish Daryanani