All the thoughts that everyone in the entire world thinks, will think, and has thought already are in the cosmic mind. The thoughts are only waiting for customers. As soon as you think, you are now part of this group. No thought is new, as nothing is created nor destroyed. The more you focus and fine tune your mind, the sooner you connect to the station of wisdom. The music of wisdom is always playing, you just have not found 95 FM. When you find that station, you gain access to infinite wisdom. Even without thinking, your subconsciousness draws the information you need. Now people will call you a wise person. You are the same, you are only relaying the information. This is the secret to seeing all the sages and saints as one. They are offering the same information in different languages, adding to it their spice of wit, so you can laugh. You may say you never thought of something before, but it was always with you. One day you may call me a hypocrite, as I am only plagiarizing that to which everyone has access. When everyone tunes into the station, my job is over. — Satish Daryanani

Vintage radio