We first have to find out what it means to be alive. We feel we are alive because our five senses are working. That is the common factor in everyone. We are either alive or we are dead. In death, everyone is the same. While alive, the only difference is who can appreciate life more. Do the rich, powerful, famous, and healthy people appreciate life more than others? Can an average Joe appreciate life in the same way? All these queries have only one answer. Our appreciation of life is only in our hands. Others need not know about it. Appreciation comes from the full understanding of a situation. Our situation is that we are alive and we have to understand life itself. Life is given so we can have a variety of experiences. When we enjoy and grow with these experiences we are appreciating life. A stagnant water draws moss and mosquitoes. A free flowing water remains fresh with ideas and enthusiasm. Go with the flow and enjoy what unfolds in your life. Satish Daryanani