I hear many times, “God wanted me to do this or that” We even hear, “It was a calling for me to become a priest,” “God told me to run for president,” You never hear, “God told me to become a janitor or a bank teller, or work at Walmart, Burger King, or at other jobs that pay minimum wages.” We use God’s name when it is an important job, like a doctor, or an activist, or an environmentalist. Only a few people actually listen to what God really wants them to do. We use His name to justify our own needs and desires. Now let’s get to the bottom of what God really wants us to do. Every thought, word, and action in your life should be an offering to the Lord, by seeing the same God in everyone, by how you deal with people, keeping your word of honor in all that you promise. Like the Bible says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Treat others like you would like to be treated by the world. Then every profession, or business that you do, is a calling from God. Even if you do nothing and are retired and of no use to the world, as long as it is all of the above, you can say, “God wants me to teach others what not to do.” — Satish Daryanani

The Golden Rule

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