Master: What we know is not even equal to a grain of sand compared to what is out there in the Universe. We think we are smart and know it all but, once that illusion is removed, we are ready for God’s hand in play. We plan and discuss so much yet, everything can change in a split second. This war and virus are good examples of that. Yet, when success happens, we to want to take all the credit. We want to know and understand God’s plan so all the whys, whens, and hows takes place. The more you realize your limitations the more God’s plan opens up for you. You will see perfection in everything, as everything came from the Perfect One. The spiritual Masters are there to teach us how little they, too, know. They show humility because they know the truth about their limited intelligence. That is why they say, “God is everything, we are nothing.” Satish Daryanani