I saw a book with this title, “How Not to Die.” It was a very thick book. I would probably die before I could finish reading such a lengthy book. That means so much information is required not to die. Instead, if someone wrote on how to live, it would be written in just a few words, “Enjoy every breath as if it is your last.” No more words are needed as to how we should live. Death, in our lives, is given a high priority. I have been to a lot of churches and the image of Jesus on a cross is more predominant than the images of Him being alive. The simple reason for this is that we are already alive, so nobody cares. Death is unknown, so everyone is concerned. Even the good that we do is not because we are enjoying our lives by being good but, it is because we are not paying the price for doing bad after we die. Many people think of God hoping that it may have benefit in their afterlives, and not because it may enhance our lives now. Not living well now is nothing better than being dead. So how not to die, is to live. — Satish Daryanani