A. When someone lets you down you get disappointed and hurt. The trust you had in them is broken. The more the faith in that person, the greater the pain. Now, what can you do? Get upset, be hurt, be sad and miserable? On the other hand, we can use this experience for our growth. This is our test to see if we have grown from within, by not letting others affect us. Speaking and writing on spirituality is easy. Thinking that you have faith in God is easy. The bigger the loss, the greater the disappointment, the greater the test. If you can still maintain your peace from within, you have reached that state where nothing can disturb you. I am not saying to not have trust in people, but if this happens again with another person, you are prepared. The world might, but this will only bring you closer and closer to the One, the One in whom you can completely trust. There is one friend who will never hurt you. Then no one and nothing can disappoint and hurt you. Thank all those who have disappointed you for bringing you closer to the love of your life. — Satish Daryanani

Silhouette of man reaching to the heavens.