A. The experience you get while sitting in silence for 15 minutes or longer can be with you all the time. While you are brushing your teeth, or in the shower, or exercising, or stuck in traffic jams, or in the airplane, bring that awareness of silence that you had experienced earlier. In service, it can start with a smile, a hug to one who is in pain, helping pick up things that might have slipped from someone’s hands, help in carrying a bag for someone who is struggling. The best service is not gossiping and not getting involved in things that do not concern you. In your duties, when things so smoothly, that is within your capacity. When you try to do more, there will be hurdles and you will be hitting your head against a wall. Leave those projects alone even if they are profitable. Stay away from unethical opportunities that come to you. The perfect balance of everything is within you. Try listening to it. — Satish Daryanani

Thirsty dog being given water