When we are in deep sleep, we are all one. No matter what path we choose, our goal is to experience peace. Anyone who has experienced deep inner peace will understand this. Any form, or no form, of God can be used. Any holy name can be repeated, or no name at all. Eventually, all paths lead you to nothingness. All religions and all forms of God are the same. Basically, there is nothing, just peace. All the ones who are experiencing this are also the same. There is nobody experiencing it. That is why the international form of peace is a white flag. There are no symbols of any religion or face of any God or any color. Just the expression of the inner light of peace is represented by a white flag. Even enemies stop fighting, as both are now surrendering. We surrender our biggest enemy, our egos, for which we fight daily and, once the white flag is raised, peace is experienced. We should feel empathy toward those who argue and try to say their religion, or God, is the only way to heaven. They are living with the ignorance of a limited form and limited words and therefore are in hell. Give them the naughty smile that comes from living in the heaven of peace. — Satish Daryanani

Man waiving white flag illustration