Everyday, when writing a thought, I try to make it as short as possible without losing its meaning. There are some who speak for so long that the point they are trying to make gets lost. Many people ask a question and then also give the answer. I think most of my responses are “yes” or “no.” It should be that simple. Even most talks on spirituality are given in an hour. A human mind cannot focus for that long. Suppose someone gave a talk and said, “In life, everything happens for our good; God is love, peace, and wisdom; we are all one; nothingness is the greatest experience we can have; the only freedom we have is in our reactions; everything is an illusion; heaven is a state of mind; silence can get you all of the above; you do not need to read all the scriptures for this; and thank you all for coming and goodbye.” Will this person be invited again to talk on spirituality? To get invited again, even the spiritual Masters have to talk a lot. It is a challenge to speak in just a few words. — Satish Daryanani