Our lives are determined by the way we respond. Whether we enjoy heaven or suffer in hell depends on our response. How do we respond if we meet God? How do we respond to experiencing peace? How do we respond to grace and love from the Lord? There is nothing of any value in life, only our response gives it value. A diamond is a rock like any other rock, our response to it makes it expensive. I have sent this thought. The response of a thumbs up or down determines its effect. Nature plays its part, and we respond to it as a calamity. Everything is perfect, or imperfect, based on our response. A dimple is a defect, yet it is seen as very cute. Your responses make or break you. A movie is a success, or a failure, based on the collective responses of viewers. Poker players can win, or lose with a bad hand—based on their responses. Even our sickness and health are based on our response. Know that you are the master of your response. All that is happening will happen. You are living with the consequences of your response.—Satish Daryanani