The new topics will be on Conversations with my Masters. I asked my Spiritual Masters thousands of questions and they patiently answered them. Whenever I faced an obstacle, I ran to them for their blessings and guidance. They always told me, “It’s all for good and everything will be fine.” Obstacles are blessings in disguise. They are disguised so well while you are being roasted that it is hard to see the hidden blessings. In time, the blessings make sense. All for good does not mean everything goes according to what you want. Instead, life will put you on a new track that will be be far better than what you imagined. It might even free you from everything that binds you. The answers from my Masters sometimes may be a bitter pill to swallow in the heat of the moment but they will turn into nectar if you let their words of wisdom manifest. Satish Daryanani