Many people think they are religious, spiritual, or people of faith. Then there is a group of people who are atheists. A few think they are in between and are not extremists. The fact is only a very few are not atheists, they are true believers. We actually all belong to one group who use God and spirituality only as safety nets. Divinity exists only for our convenience, as a spare tire. If everything does not work in our favor, let’s go back to God’s will. Anyway, we have no choice. Our identification to the human form is too strong to completely let go and be absolutely nothing. Becoming irrelevant is not easy. For those who are good for nothing, spirituality is easy. It does not require talent, skill, hard work, education, influence or financial aid. It only requires you to delete yourself from the equation of your life. It’s that simple and then, you are on top of the world with a handful of other useless people like yourself. Satish Daryanani