I wanted a short cut to spirituality without putting in any effort. My spiritual Master told me about a simple method—Be constantly aware of “I am that.” I tried for a few days. I went back to my Master and told Him that it was very difficult. He smiled and told me, “So you have to be constantly aware that you are a human being, or a man, or the name given to you by your parents. You already know these things and therefore, have no need to be aware of it. If you know you are not what you think but are really that, then no awareness is needed. Find the real you and then no effort will be needed to keep your mind under control. Neither service nor austerities are needed for this. Sitting in silence and getting to know the real you will free you from everything.” Can there be a shorter way than that? Then, not only are you that, so also is everything. That’s it for today. — Satish Daryanani