What have you done that made you tired? Everything is happening with the will of God, and still, you are complaining you are tired. I can understand if God says that He is tired, as the poor fellow is working hard. You are tired from sitting or standing in air-conditioned environments, moving your eyes, fingers, and your big mouth. That is how most of us earn our living and yet we feel drained. We are tired, not because we are using our bodies, but because we are unnecessarily using our minds. Wanting more and more causes us to get tired. More than 90 percent of people feel they do not make enough money. That pressure causes us to get tired, as we take on bigger loads to meet our so-called basic requirements. The list of basic needs has changed so much that, at one time, it was called greed. We all get tired from chasing after things to satisfy our needs. That is why it is called a rat race, not a human race. Even if we walked 50,000 steps daily, it would be less tiring than the miles our minds run daily. We are only tired of our stupid mind and nothing else. Keep your mind at ease and you will see that you are never tired. Your need for sleep lessens and you still feel fresh, as your complaints of being tired are reduced. Next time, you can say, “I am tired of boredom, as nothing much is occupying my mind.”—Satish Daryanani