When I get upset, out of anger I often say, “Never again!” Yet when I am calm, my heart softens and gives in. This is my weakness, as I always feel God forgives me all the time. Human beings do make mistakes out of ignorance but do not know how to forgive and move on. I know my imperfections, so it is not fair to judge others. I always wonder, “What would my spiritual Masters do in the same situation?” The answer comes, “They move on as if nothing happened. They do not hold on to and carry any grudges.” I give them a lot of credit for dealing with me for so many years. So, let’s turn my weakness into my strength,  for I am like a coconut, hard on the outside with soft tender nectar within. Let the world take advantage of me, I will take advantage of the Lord’s soft heart for me. — Satish Daryanani