We have to show our identification cards to verify that we are who we are. One day this will be replaced by digital verification. Even after one can prove he or she is the same person whose name was given by their parents and the numbers given by the government, is it really the same person you are meeting? The identification of the person comes when you get to know them. In time you get to know the character of the person. This is the real identification. It is like seeing a person without makeup and all the artificial enhancements made to the body. Slowly you get to see the heart, soul and spirit of the individual. Spiritual masters have a gift of seeing a person through and through. They know the real seekers and let them get close to them. God reveals Himself to those who are genuine. My identification card is to show everything that was given to me without my choice but, what I reveal in time is out of my own free will. Satish Daryanani