I was listening to this U2 song yesterday and wondered, “How many have truly found in life what they are looking for? If they did, are they completely satisfied?” Others don’t even know what they are looking for. The reason is: All that you are looking for you already have. This song was not needed. Instead, there should be a song, “Thank you, God, for letting me find everything I already need.” Have no searching, just discovering. If it comes from outside, it will always go away. What is within you from birth is permanent. We just do not realize it. Some might say, “All I was searching for was a Master and I found one.” That is half of the journey. The Master helps you find the Master within you. It’s back to you, a whole circle, to realize this truth. Search, get tired, and, when you give up, you find all that you are looking for. So do not waste time. Enjoy all that you already have. — Satish Daryanani

compass in man's hand in snowy woods