Everybody wants something yet when they are put to the test, they really do not want it. The popular wants are to have money, good health, and peace, to know God, to serve others, and to have power and fame. The reason they really do not want it is because they not put in that effort. They do not have the focus, one-pointedness. If their egos get bruised, they will give up and go after another want. Also, they have several wants rather than focusing on just one want. After attaining one want, it is ok to focus on another. There is a catch to wants: Many a time, when you want it, you don’t get it. Then, when you give up and let go of the want, it gets fulfilled. So, what can you do? The simple secret in life is to choose one want that you wish for more than air when you are suffocating. When you have done your best, let go and forget the want. Then, the want is given freedom. The want feels like you are no longer interested. Then the want chases you. Instead of running after your shadow—the want, turn around and walk away. The shadow follows you. It is so simple. Then, even if you get what you want, it will be meaningless, as you do not need or want it any more. — Satish Daryanani