We look for the ideal position in which to sleep so we do not get up with body aches. In deep relaxation and meditation, we try to find the ideal position so we can be comfortable for a certain period of time. Yoga is practiced so that the body is supple and you can remain in one position for hours or days without moving. If the body is not still, how can you expect your mind to be steady? When you are extremely sleepy, your ideal position does not matter. You can fall asleep instantly. In time, the ideal position for relaxation or meditation becomes meaningless, as you can do both even while standing. The ideal position is only required in the beginning. My favorite position is putting my head on the lap of my spiritual Master. My physical position is irrelevant, as the mind is fixed on the ideal position. Then there is no movement of the mind, as I would like to stay in this position permanently. Find your ideal position in your mind, the one from which you would never want to move, then the physical ideal position does not matter. — Satish Daryanani

baby on mother's lap