People waste their time thinking about and planning things before they even occur. They decide what to choose before any choice is given to them. Many plan to buy big things before they have even made a penny. It is the same in spirituality. People imagine what they will do once they achieve realization. Spend time on the current situation in your life, on the choices you have to make now: Exercise or meditate. Read a book or watch television. Spend on something you can do without, or save for a rainy day. We have so many decisions to make in our daily lives that we should get fed up with choices. Yet, we spend time choosing when a choice does not exist. There is one choice each one of us has—either choose to be peaceful or let situations disturb our peace. This choice is available every second of our lives. If we just focus on this, no other choice will matter. So, winning or not winning the lottery is not important. If you ask God for a winning lottery ticket, ask for the winning number to win the lottery of peace. The lucky number is 000000, all zeros. Want nothing, be nothing. Experience nothing, and fear nothing. Then your name will appear in the newspaper as the winner of the first billion dollar lottery. — Satish Daryanani

I am a winner button held by a woman.