We are all supposed to be an image of God, yet only a handful are true images. Normally, an image and the original are supposed to be almost the same. So, either God is all messed up, like us, or God is completely different. Then how come we are in His image? What we see is only the outer shell of His human form. The true image of God is hidden in all of us. The spiritual Masters see only the image of God in everyone. A criminal and a mean person have the same image. If they saw just the surface, I would not be allowed near them. This eye to see the same image helps to see everyone the same. We have to play different roles with everyone, as we have to work with the outer images to get our work done. When our job is done, there are no grudges, as the inner images are the same. No one should know that you have the gift of seeing the inner image, as the world will take advantage of you. Let the world feel you are a ruthless, heartless, selfish, and egotistical person. Then you enjoy both aspects of human beings. Satish Daryanani