A. A man meets a pretty woman and imagines spending the rest of his life with her. What he imagined was actually much better than married life. We imagine going on a vacation. In our minds, the temperature is at 72°F, or 22°C, and sunny. The vacation spot could have a lot of rain, mosquitoes, long immigration lines, and cost a lot more than what we planned for. Women read romantic novels and dream of a lover like Fabio. They end up marrying a fat, bald guy. Even Walt Disney did not get to build exactly what he imagined. When you get to know your self and realize the absolute truth, both will be better in your imagination than what you experience. You will say, “That’s it.” All the austerities are for that. You want to see God. What you imagine is far different than when you do meet Him. Our imagination is far greater than what we go through. Even God’s imagination of creating this world was much better than what was created. We were not so crazy in His imagination. There are at least two things where reality is better than imagination. Please think over it. Will share the answer tomorrow. To be continued. — Satish Daryanani

Disneyland sculpture of Walt Disney and Mickey.