A person was on the phone in a church. He knelt down in front of Mother Mary, closed his eyes, and prayed. He got up after a minute and again started using his phone. He was getting nasty looks from others. On the same day, I saw a TV show where two lawyers were trying to meditate for one minute during their lunch break. They managed 42 seconds and gave up. We want peace and God, like a microwave oven—instantly, within a minute. Some even give 15 minutes to half an hour to pray and expect to get everything, like the Masters. They want grace quickly, like winning a lottery ticket without earning the money. Our normal routine, where we are so busy deducting a few minutes, should make us realized souls who Get God, peace, and wisdom instantly. Can you become a doctor with little effort? Can you win a gold medal by putting only a few minutes towards your craft? Yet we want to experience the ultimate with our haphazard effort. You must really want it, to get the ultimate treasure—spirituality first, everything else like instant coffee. Gossip within a minute, talk to God like you just met your childhood friend. Sit in silence for the time that we sit for pedicure, manicure, makeup, and fixing and coloring our hair. Seek the truth like you seek the perfect handbag. Convince God of your love for Him like you would spend time convincing a customer to buy a high-value item. Only when spirituality becomes predominant in your life, can you enjoy everything that is already within you. — Satish Daryanani

Microwave oven