We may invest in a zero coupon bond which will pay us back the principal and interest on a future date. We do this so we can enjoy the money later. In the same manner, we do not wish to enjoy the wealth given to us today but want to utilize it when we get older. What is our wealth? We are blessed with youth, wisdom, peace, sense of humor, ability to connect with the Divine, and so on. However, we do not want to enjoy it today. It is when we get older that we want to tap into this wealth. We, instead sacrifice our today so we can enjoy our tomorrow. These habits you have created for yourself today will be extremely hard to break as you get older. All this sacrifice will be for nothing. You will feel you have wasted your life by not living when you had youth and health. I am not saying that you have to not to save for a rainy day. Do it in moderation. Enjoy all the gifts given to you today. There is no guarantee you will be alive to spend the inheritance given to you at a later date. − Satish Daryanani

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