One of the few countries that do not celebrate Independence Day is Great Britain. They were ruled by no one and, instead, ruled a lot of countries. The Independence Days of many nations occur thanks to British rule. Basically, someone rules us. We get our independence from them and we celebrate it. Most children want independence from their parents when they grow up. We want to be free from anyone who controls us. When will we celebrate the real Independence Day? When we are free from ourselves. We are the worst rulers of all. We take away from ourselves all of our own rights and we enslave ourselves with everything. Instead, celebrate your independence from everyone and everything. No one can bind you when you are not a slave of social approval, success, name, fame, or even spiritual growth. Be free, like the people felt when they got their nation free. They celebrated the freedom to run their own lives. You will feel the same when your dominant mind does not control you. That day will be your personal Independence Day, which you will celebrate annually — no fireworks, no holiday, no barbecue—only a naughty smile on your face. — Satish Daryanani

Girl with naughty smile