A very rich person who was calculating his wealth. He was so wealthy  that for eight generations his family would not need to work. His wife saw him looking very sad; his fear was for the ninth generation and how would they be able to manage. We laugh at his stupidity, and yet I see grandparents worrying about it today. You did a poor job with your children if they are not capable of taking care of their own children. You will be dead, so what will it matter? Just by leaving money, will the problems of your grandchildren or great grandchildren matter? To worry about anything after your death is like the story above. Your spouse, family members, and friends may be better off without you. If you want to feel human and worry about something, then worry about expanding your mind while you are alive. The more you enjoy your life with infinite peace, joy, wisdom, and divinity, the more you make your life worth living. There is so much to discover that even a hundred years is not enough. If you do want to leave an inheritance, then leave this wealth by showing your loved ones the benefits of expanding the mind. — Satish Daryanani 

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