How do you know that you have powers within you? You have to be tested to see if these powers exist. If you want to know you have patience, you have to be tested by others. Someone should try to disturb you to see if your peace is permanent. To be able to forgive, someone has to hurt you. The challenges you face will test your faith in God. I was created to test all the hidden powers of my spiritual Masters. They do have these powers, as I saw them not getting affected by me. They were free from space and time and could see the future and past of anyone. They told me things about my future and all came true. They could definitely read my mind and know what was in my heart. They had a direct link with God and could give blessings. The Masters have many powers which cannot be described. They needed someone or something to bring them out. Thank God for painful people, like me. Others will get an opportunity to discover all their hidden powers. Satish Daryanani