I saw the movie, “The Mauritanian,” in which a man was imprisoned and tortured and was only released after 14 years when he was proven innocent. They showed the real person at the end of the film. He was full of joy and forgiveness. That really touched my heart. I wonder if I would be able to forgive like him after all that he went through. There is so much to learn from others who have such capacities that we don’t. We may be innocent in this life yet, we still have to pay for all that we have done. There is no escape. This is not a punishment. It is a form of grace for people to grow. Our so-called sins are also blessings, as we get a chance to evolve and inspire others. None of us are truly innocent, as we all have done some mischief for which we have not yet paid. I pray God somehow misplaces the records of my past actions. My list is so long that it will require lifetimes of prison sentences to clean. — Satish Daryanani