Each one of us has an insatiable appetite. If utilized correctly it is helpful. A rich person may have a lot of money but still wants more. You may have won 10 gold medals, but still want more. Use this as a strength, not as a weakness. This way we seek unlimited wealth from outside while working on experiencing the unlimited wealth within. Our appetite should not be satiated. We can have an insatiable appetite to help others as long as we are doing so only for our fun. If you think you are doing it for the world then you will have expectations from the world and will get disappointed. Also, your ego grows with the thought that you are saving the world. Have an insatiable appetite to get closer and closer to the beloved. Dig within and gain the infinite wisdom. Gain the maximum knowledge from the outside world by making Google your master. Enjoy the layers of nothingness within you. Try to see as many places as you can of this wonderful world given to us. This way you will never be complacent. − Satish Daryanani